Bringing British Fish & Chips down to Earth and having a bloody good time doing it.


007 Cuts of Cod or Haddock coated in our delicious batter fried in Soy Bean oil at very high temperatures sealing the flavors.

Featured Yelp Review

Regina W.

Sacramento, CA

All I can say! This is one of the first places I wish I could give more than a five star review. I'm not sure where to begin.

The Decor is an homage to James Bond and there is even a cool little red telephone booth right outside the restaurant. It's very unique which I appreciate. I've never been into Bond, but everything was so cute I'm considering watching a movie or two now just to see what it's all about!

The food is absolutely amazing. I am from Monterey so I grew up spoiled by fresh seafood, which is unfortunately a lot more difficult to come across in Sacramento. The owner flies his fish in fresh and even imports the batter from England. You can truly taste the pride and hard work that the owner puts into everything. He cooked our food himself, and was as pleasant to converse with as he was a respectable chef and business owner.

We started with an order of spicy wings. Usually I am afraid of large sized wings because they generally taste fatty or like they've been injected with something scary. These wings were perfect. The dry spicy rub was not too hot but spicy enough to satisfy my need for heat. The wings were clearly fresh and perfectly crispy. Buffalo Wild Wings which is in the same area should pray that it's customers don't discover these. 007's wings put that entire establishment to shame.

I was fortunate enough to try the cod and the haddock. I'm still trying to figure out which I enjoyed more, but rest can't go wrong either way! The cod was larger and slightly more firm while the haddock literally melted in your mouth. The batter on the fish was unlike any I've ever had. It was crisp, not too greasy,  and the perfect thickness. I usually end up picking off most of the batter to get to the fish, but no need for that here! Even after visiting England and trying fish and chips out there it was not until today that I can now truly say I get why fish and chips are such a staple across the pond. This was perfectly cooked, and not overly seasoned, allowing the freshness of the fish to speak for itself.   While I could rave about the fish ad infinitum I will move on...

The fries were plentiful and delicious. Since I had read yelp reviews prior to my visit I asked for my fries a little well done and they happily accommodated my request. I felt sad leaving a pile of delicious fries behind but my husband made sure there weren't too many. :)

While many say the devil is in the details...I have to say there is a little British angel somewhere in 007 taking care of the smallest things.

The crispy homemade chips (I think they are called crisps in England but not 100% sure) that were provided before the meal were delicious. Just crispy little strips of happiness for this potato lover.

The English malt vinegar and mustard at every table helped to add to not only a delicious meal but to what felt like a fairly authentic experience. Each table also had shakers of salt and white pepper! I was pleasantly surprised by the pepper of all things because white pepper is not cheap. It was just another sign that the owner spares no expense on providing a quality overall product. As others have mentioned the tartar sauce was delicious, but I didn't use much because the fish didn't need any help at all.

Clearly we left stuffed to the gills and I caught myself doing a little happy dance in my seat a few times throughout the meal. I never had cravings for fish and chips before but I see them in my near future.

I really recognize and appreciate the pride that the owner takes in his establishment and product and look forward to going back. This is exactly the kind of place Natomas needs to counteract the sea of chain restaurants and overpriced mediocre food. Speaking of price...I feel like this is a steal based on the quantity and quality of everything.

Kudos 007!